Educational Outreach

Valued as effective educators as well as musicians, Vento Chiaro has been the resident woodwind quintet at Boston University Tanglewood Institute every summer since 2002.  During the year, Vento Chiaro presents children’s concerts across Massachusetts in schools and in various venues from cafe to galleries to concert halls. Thanks to various grants, including as the grantee of The Free for All Concert Fund from 2011-14, Vento Chiaro was able to enhance and expand their educational program offerings. Educational concerts place strong emphasis on interactions with audience members. By sharing and deconstructing interesting elements of the selected music, Vento Chiaro seeks to inspire auditory discoveries and enrich the audience’s listening experience.

Vento Chiaro is comfortable presenting educational programs to a variety of age groups and venues.  Below are some sample programs with suggested fee. Please contact us of pricing and programming options.

Sample Programs

Peter and the Wolf.  Pre-school to 5th Grade.

The instruments in the woodwind quintet are introduced through Prokofiev’s classic tale Peter and the Wolf, arranged for quintet and narrator. This program can be tailored to your needs based on age group, timing, and venue by including musical selections from our standard repertoire.

**This program can work without a narrator but works better with one. We recommend a prominent member of the school or community, who is able to read music and participate in a rehearsal prior to the performance.
Timing: 30-45 minutes
Suggested Fee:  $2000 (plus travel)

What is Chamber Music?  Adaptable to any age range.

This presentation, based on a variety of musical styles, is all about teamwork.  Chamber music is a fun and entertaining way to demonstrate basic social skills such as working together, resolving differences of opinion and listening as well as musical skills such as breathing, starting, stopping and cuing.
Timing: 40-60 minutes
Suggested Fee: $2000-2500 (plus travel if over 30 miles)

Around the World with Woodwinds.  Pre-School to 5th Grade.

This program explores different cultures throughout the world through music.  Students are invited to “travel” with the quintet as each instrument is featured and demonstrated at a different stop on our imaginary tour. The music in this program showcases popular children’s songs as well as classical music selections that highlight different cultures and their music.
Timing:  35-50 minutes
Suggested Fee:  $1750-2500 ( travel if over 30 miles)

School programs
In addition to educational concerts, Vento Chiaro can also work with school music programs and classroom teachers to reinforce basic curriculum for any age range, offer master classes to music students, coach sectional for the band and orchestra programs, as well as offer both informative and educational sessions for more serious music students.  Vento Chiaro can also perform with your school’s ensembles, as soloists or simply side-by-side in a rehearsal setting.