“The unusual textures and unfamiliar repertoire came in a relatively short program that was delightful to hear and see. The interplay among the musicians was stellar… In five mostly scurrying movements (Irving Fine’s Partita), each musician played with admirable tone quality and intonation…”

Joshua Hawkins Nannestad, The Boston Musical Intelligencer
2 June 2015

“Your concert, and I’m not alone in this opinion, was one of the very best concerts we have had at Brookhaven in our 7 seasons (and the competition is hot). …it is a spectacular achievement to have held your group together for 17 years! But, on the other hand, it must be both satisfying and exciting to play together, with BUTI as a steady context-of-excellence and support for 12-13 years.”

Joan L Griscom, Music Committee Chair, Brookhaven at Lexington
19 November 2014

“… faultless ensemble and intonation… Vento Chiaro easily outclasses most wind quintets that have greater seniority and more recordings to their credit . ”

Richard A. Kaplan, Fanfare Magazine
25 January 2009

“They’re very engaging and a lot of what they’re after in terms of personality is the opposite of being staid and passive.”

Catherine Fahy quoting Robert Merfeld, The Inquirer and Mirror (Nantucket, MA)
9 December 2004

“Spotless finger work, sensitive linear phrasing, crisp accents and a thoughtfully blended tone quality that never obscured main melodies contributed to an ideal listening experience.”
“…gave exposed passages with assurance and sensitivity.”
“This woodwind quintet paid scrupulous heed to clean ensemble playing. Not a musical hair was mussed during the entire program.”

David Cleary, The Enterprise (Brockton, MA)
20 September 2004

“… the day of the woodwind quintet may be dawning…They played with muscular thrust and individualized character in Nielsen’s Quintet, Opus 43, a piece that rewards assertive solo thinking.”

John Henken, The Los Angeles Times
2 May 2000