Inaugural Concert of The Boston Project

May 6, 2018 all-day
Forsyth Chapel, Forest Hills Cemetery
95 Forest Hills Ave
Boston, MA 02130
$20 adults, $10 students/seniors

This concert is sponsored by Forest Hills Cemetery.

Premiering a new piece by Mary Buchner, very first composition of The Boston Project.

Vento Chiaro’s The Boston Project is a multi-year exploration of what it means to be of a place and woven into the musical fabric of that place.

Mary Bichner is an orchestral classical-meets-pop composer with the remarkable musical superpowers of perfect pitch (the ability to recognize notes and chords by name upon hearing them played) and synesthesia (a neurological condition that causes Mary to “see” splashes of specific colors when she hears their corresponding pitches sounded). Called a “musical genius” by CBS News, and invited to Harvard University’s prestigious neuroscience lab to be studied for her brain’s unusual wiring, Mary creates richly-colored compositions that delight classical enthusiasts and indie-pop rockers alike.

We will also be performing works by Beach, Bernstein and Maslanka.